How do I register?

Online registration for classes starting in September typically opens in January. We also hold an open house prior to registration in order for families to meet our teachers, Board members and other prospective families. The open house provides an opportunity to view our school environment and ask any questions. Registration may also be possible after January depending on enrolment. Please visit our Registration and Fees page or contact us for more details.

What are your Covid Policies?

Campus has followed the advice of Alberta Health Services and our advisory body and has enacted many policies to protect the children and our staff.  We require teachers be vaccinated as well as maintaining enhanced screening and sanitizing policies.  For more information please contact us at info@campuspreschool.com.

Can we register throughout the year?

Yes, registration is available throughout the year subject to availability. Note that we do not accept new students after April 1 for the current school year. Please contact us for availability.

Are tours available?

We do have tours available depending on class schedules, teacher preferences, and any applicable Covid-19 restrictions. If you are interested in a tour please contact us directly by clicking here.

What is the commitment for parents when they have a child attending Campus?

We are a co-operative pre-school and built around a philosophy of community and a connection to our children and their school experience. Parents and caregivers are an active and involved part of the classroom on a regular basis. Please see our Parent Involvement page for specific details. Families are required to participate in a committee or on the Board in a way that aligns with their skills and interests. Details about committee and Board positions can found here. Parents and caregivers are also strongly encouraged to volunteer in the child’s classroom every 6 to 8 weeks.

Are parents or caregivers able to stay with their child during class times?

Yes! We believe in a child-centred approach where we meet the child where they are. It is important to us that you child feels secure and safe in our school and welcome parents attending with their children as they deem necessary. We seek to build a relationship with your child built on mutual respect and feel your support plays a big role in that.  More information parent involvement can be found here.

What ages do you accept children?

For our Junior program students must be 3 or be turning 3 by Jan 1, 2023.

For our Senior program students must be 4 or turning 4 by Jan 1, 2023.

For our Multi-Age program students can be 3 or 4, but must turn 3 by Sept 5, 2023.

Click this link for more details.

Does my child have to be toilet-trained to attend your pre-school?

No, children do not have to be toilet-trained before starting school at Campus, however teachers do not have the facilities or availability to do diaper changes during class times. All parents should send a change of clothes in their children’s backpack, as we recognize that accidents do happen!

Do parents have to have police checks?

We require any parent volunteering in our classroom to have a completed a police check (or equivalent) that includes a vulnerable sector search.

How do you manage allergies in the classroom?

We take allergies seriously. Our school is a nut-free environment. In addition, we have guidelines and regulations in place to protect students with allergies that may be more severe. Parents and guardians send their children with a healthy snack that is safe and appropriate for the child. Teachers will always work to accommodate any of your specific concerns.

What are appropriate snacks to bring to the school?

Parents and guardians are responsible for sending their children with a healthy snack, such as cut up fruit, cheese slices, and/or crackers. Items such as popcorn, hard candies, and snacks containing toothpicks and skewers are not allowed for safety reasons. We are a nut-free environment and also accommodate allergies that are specific to your child’s classroom. You will be notified if there is a classroom allergy apart from nuts that requires you to modify the snack you send.

Please send the snack in a clearly labelled container that your child can open and close independently. Include a water bottle or drink that closes securely, and that your child can operate. Remember to send items such as spoons and napkins if required.

Do you welcome diverse learners or children that may have differing needs?

At Campus, we believe an inclusive and diverse classroom is the best way for all children to learn. Historically, we have partnered with various organizations and welcomed aides or other supports into the classroom. We are currently working towards partnering with a provider that can offer an array of services and work closely with families and your child’s teacher. For this reason, the specific needs of your child and circumstances are best discussed with the teachers PRIOR to registration to ensure that Campus can provide the optimal learning environment for your child.

What happens during a typical day?

A day in both our junior and senior classrooms consists of an hour of play time where children are encouraged to explore at their own pace. Teachers use this opportunity to help children with projects, resolve conflicts and tend to any other needs that come up, but do not specifically direct this portion of the day. After the first hour, we access the Capitol Hill gymnasium where students are introduced to a variety of physical activities and games. Stories, snack time and circle time finish the classroom portion of our day. Students end their days outside on the unique dinosaur playground.

Any other questions?

We want your children get the best introduction to their first school experience. Please contact us anytime.