Class Options and Details

Morning classes are available for Junior and Senior students!


Junior Programming

Junior students are children who turn 3 before January 1st.  Our Junior programming runs from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  For many students, this is their first experience with a structured program.  Our focus is to use routine and repetition as part of our playtime to help them develop and grow. 

Senior Programming

Senior students are children who are 4 or students who are 3 but will turn 4 prior to January 1st. Our Senior programming runs from 9:00am to 11:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Our Senior program has an increased focus on preparing for our students for grade school with more structured programming while still maintaining a play based curriculum. 

    Multi-Age Programming

    The Multi-Age Class is intended for children who will be 3 years of age by September 1, 2023. Children may be considered Junior or Senior, as this is mixed age grouping. This classroom scenario enables flexibility for Junior students interested in 3 day a week programming as well as siblings of different ages in the same class.  The Multi-Age Class runs from 9:00am to 11:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

      2023-2024 School Calendar


      Fall Term

      Sep 5-8:  Staggered entry days

      Sep 11/12: Regular classes begin

      Sep 29: No Classes (Truth & Reconciliation Day)

      Oct 9: No Classes (Thanksgiving)

      Oct 20: Non-Instructional Day (PD Day)

      Nov 9 – 14:  No Classes (Fall Break)

      Dec 22 – Jan 7: No Classes (Winter Break)

      Spring Term:

      Jan 8/9: Classes Resume

      Jan 25, 26 & Feb 1:  Parent Teacher Interviews – Classes as normal

      Feb 15/16: No Classes (Teachers Convention)

      Feb 19: No Classes (Family Day)

      March 22 – April 1: No Classes (Spring Break)

      May 17: No Classes (PD Day)

      May 20: No Classes (Victoria Day)

      June 24/25: Last day of classes before summer break

      June 26: Year end party – Families welcome!



      Playtime at centers 

      Children are free to explore the many activities set up by the teachers: art using a wide variety of media, manipulative toys, playdough, blocks, water table, and sand table. As well, there are dress-up clothes, a play kitchen and fort, and many other toys to stimulate the childrens’ imaginations.

      Circle Time 

      The teacher leads group activities including songs, discussion, fingerplays, drama and games.

      Gym Time 

      We have a large gym area where children can develop gross motor skills through play equipment such as balls, hoops, and beanbags and share in group games and action songs.

      Snack Time 

      Children are given time to eat a snack provided by their family.  Note: Campus Preschool is a nut-free school, and allergies are posted.

      Story Time 

      Children will get a chance to explore books themselves and as a group through reading, singing and acting out stories.

      Outdoor play 

      The children are given a chance to play and learn together as they interact with outdoor toys and the natural environment.  End of day pickup is done from the outside whenever the weather permits.

      For a peek inside the school, and examples of our activities, please check out our social media links below!



      The Alberta government’s Affordability Grant is available to all students and it covers $75 / month for each child in a registered preschool program. The Child Care Subsidy Program covers an additional $125 / month for any student whose family’s combined household income is less than $180,000. For more details and to check if you’re eligible for the subsidy program go to:

      2 DAY PER WEEK



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      3 DAY PER WEEK



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      Per Month

      Our non-refundable registration fee is $75.00, due at the time of registration.

      Fee Schedule

      Fees are collected using an online direct bank withdrawals on the first day of the preceding month (ie:  September’s tuition will be withdrawn on August 1st). Pre-authorized withdrawals will be setup upon acceptance into a class.  Withdrawals that happen with less that 30 days notice will forfeit one month’s tuition.  NSF payments will result in a $30 fee.

      Tax receipts

      Campus issues tax receipts in February/March of the current school year. They will be emailed to you as they are completed. Please contact us if you notice any errors or have not yet received one and expected to.



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