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At Campus Preschool …

  • We believe children begin to understand themselves through child-directed, open-ended play and that by providing loosely-structured exploration children are given the time and space to discover and pursue their interests.
  • We believe the most important aspect of preschool is developing and honing social skills and learning how to vocalize their needs to peers and adults alike.
  •  We believe that children should be respected and heard.
  •  We do not believe in punitive discipline but instead in patiently building trust by being present and mindful during interactions with each child — meeting each child where they are both physically and emotionally.
  •  We believe each child should leave Campus with the confidence and tools to thrive in their school journey.
  •  We believe in developing a sense of community by helping children understand that each of their classmates has something valuable to offer.
  •  We believe education is cooperative and that having parents in our classrooms daily demonstrates to children that their families are invested, along with their teachers, in their learning.
  • We believe preschool is a chance for children to learn how to trust adults outside of their family structure.
  •  We believe in empowering parents to become lifelong advocates for their child and for their child’s education.
  •  We believe in gently transitioning children into the school environment by welcoming parents to stay each day for as long as their child needs.
  •  We do not force children to share. We believe in taking turns.
  •  We believe in complete inclusivity and embrace diversity. We support all types of family structures and are cognizant of the varying needs of each child in our school.


Campus Pre-School
1531 – 21 Avenue NW
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