Each family must have at least one parent or guardian provide Campus with a Police Information Checks (PIC) and Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSC)

If you have completed a PIC/VSC within the last 5 years:


You do not need to complete a new one.  Your previous record can be shared with us using the Calgary Police Service website, or if you have a paper copy, you can email it to

If you require a new PIC/VSC:


Step 1:  Request a payment voucher from Campus Preschool.  To do so you complete this form and a voucher will be issued to you by Calgary Police Service within 24-28 hours.

Step 2: Go to the Calgary Police Service website and click ‘Register for your police information check’ box in the right column .

Step 3: Complete the online form.  You will need to upload the ‘Volunteer Letter’ among other things.

Step 4: When you receive your police check, please make sure to “Share” them with Campus Pre-school using the online too provided on the Calgary Police Service website.  We do not get your results until you share them with us!

Alternatively, take the ‘Volunteer Letter’ to any police station and you can apply in person rather than online.  You will reiceve a response in the mail, please send a copy to your PIC/VSC letter and the reciept to and you will be reimbursed.


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