Parents or caregivers are required to fulfill two volunteer roles within the Campus community: you must be the in-class parent helper approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, and you must belong to a committee or the Board. Details about committee and Board positions can be found here.

What is the expectation for Volunteer/Parent-help days?

We believe that it’s important for children to feel supported by their parents or caregivers and offer opportunities to join your child in the classroom to see them in the world that they are creating outside of the home. Parents are required to volunteer in the classroom as part of the cooperative. Volunteering is an integral part of the school, and is required to keep fees low and run our program. Our ratios depend on caregiver involvement. Please contact us if volunteering is a barrier for your family and we can discuss possible accommodations.


What do I do if my child, I’m sick, or we can’t make it?

If you or your child are sick on your parent-volunteer day, you must stay home. Consult the volunteer schedule and contact the “on call” family to act as your substitute.  If the “on call” family is unable to step in, you must attempt to find a replacement volunteer, either by contacting other parents in your class or, if you are unsuccessful, the parent-help co-ordinator can be contacted as a last resort. Note that teachers do not have the ability to contact other parents on your behalf and that classes will have to be cancelled if there is not a volunteer available as we require it for our licensing.

Can I bring a sibling to my parent-help day?

No. The parent-help day is something that your child looks forward to and is an experience that requires your full attention to the classroom. Bringing a sibling to school also affects the caregiver-to-student ratios that we are required to maintain.

What are the responsibilities of the parent-helper?

Specific parent-help information can be found posted in each classroom.

Tips for your parent-help day:

  • arrive early
  • assist the children with hand washing and hand sanitizing
  • relax and be present with the children
  • children’s needs take priority over cleaning and putting away
  • remember that you are there for the entire group, and not just your child
  • when in doubt, ask! Teachers are happy to direct you

How many volunteer days are required?

This depends greatly on your class size, which caregivers have had police checks and family schedules. However, the junior classroom usually requires two volunteers until the Christmas break due to ratios required for children under 3. In general, you can expect to volunteer in the classroom approximately once every 6 to 8 weeks. 


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